Chrome Might Stop Sites From Hijacking Back Button Of Your Browser

Chrome Might Stop Sites From Hijacking Back Button Of Your Browser

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Surf the Internet for sufficiently long and you will always run into a website that declines to acknowledge the back button of your browser, usually since it needs to force ads on you. Google may soon put an end to those shady tricks. Lately published Chromium code modifications show that Google is taking into consideration a method to fight back hijacking of button. Chrome will look for efforts to control your browser history and will skip or flag entries that you did not particularly asked for.

There are not any hints that Google will punish the website operators, even though it lately began blocking deceptive websites that employ fake system notifications and similar means to mislead users. Developers aim to provisionally hide the function behind a flag to prevent unexpected behavior, and there is no guarantee that this will graduate to stable editions of Chrome. It is simple easy to see Google taking this effort.

On a related note, Google is supposedly operating on a new function that will permit grouping of tabs to make it easier and faster to organize them. Surfing by tabs is one of the most valued functions by consumers, and its usage in browsers has very much benefited navigation on various websites. Even though on some instances when there are a number tabs open, it tends to become hard to locate a specific tab.

Google Chrome might roll out a solution to this issue shortly. The folks at ChromeStory found the mention of “Tab Groups” in a list of posted logs for Chrome. This feature shall arrive in the coming few months to the latest edition of Google Chrome Beta. When the beta testing stage will be concluded, the function will be rolled out for all consumers in the stable edition for the browser, even though there is no particular date to it.