The FDA Clears An App To Help People With Opioid Use Disorder

The FDA Clears An App To Help People With Opioid Use Disorder

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Recently, the doctors discovered an innovative tool in their battle against the opioid addiction crisis. The U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has given the green light to a latest mobile medical app known as “reSET-O,” build for helping patients with opioid use chaos to remain in outpatient treatment.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb—the FDA Commissioner—said in a press release, “As part of our attempts to deal with the abuse and misuse of opioid, we are particularly focused on novel therapies and tools that can assist more patients with opioid use disorder to effectively treat their addiction.” Reportedly, medical devices counting digital health devices such as mobile medical apps have the capability to play a key and unique role in contributing to these management attempts. The aim of the app is to aid people to stay in recovery. The “reSET-O” app is a prescription-only type of CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) that is not designated as a separate treatment, but as a method to aid patients in an exhaustive outpatient treatment program to stay in treatment longer, as per to the FDA. This app has been FDA-cleared and not FDA-approved, stating it is comparable enough to another lawfully marketed device. The original variant of the reSET app was cleared by the FDA in 2017, which was intended for use with outpatient therapy to cure addiction related to cocaine, alcohol, stimulants, and marijuana, but not opioid.

On a similar note, recently the FDA was in news for stating that 30–40% of the country’s food is not consumed. In response to the alarming US FDA statistic, that states nearly almost 30–40% of food in the U.S. goes uneaten, a bill initiated by Assembly Democrats Joann Downey, Cleopatra Tucker, and Clinton Calabrese to instruct consumers’ strategies for eradicating food wastage was approved recently by the full assembly.

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