Synthetic Meat May Soon Enter The Meat market

Synthetic Meat May Soon Enter The Meat market

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The artificially synthesized meat is currently a hot topic. These cell-based in vitro cultures are currently being referred to as the same kind of food but have not yet reached the market. The companies producing these kinds of meat are already making millions of dollars which are quite concerning for the US regulators. The slaughtering of the animals can be brought to a complete halt is what the meat developing industries are focusing on.  The mass-market animal husbandry and the planetary damage can be replaced by the cellular agriculture products of such kind for the future meat market.

As the meat consumption in this modern day is on a higher rate and thus, the continuous animal slaughtering is only impacting their ecosystem which is quite alarming. It may sound crucial to accept but the product has to be branded in the near future. The labeling of this lab-grown meat is under the question as clean meat or lab-grown meat are some of the names and currently, nothing has been finalized.  The traditional meat industry is adamant about not giving the cellular version the term meat. For now, it is being referred to as lab produced cultured protein. The groups such as the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, the National Chicken Council, and the North American Meat Institute are concerned about its labeling.  The U.S. meat industry has almost $200 Billion spent in sales and this current industry can help give it more leverage in the sector.

The debate on the industrially produced meat is an endless topic to discuss on as there are opposers weighing more than the acceptors. The animal-based meat and plant-based proteins being produced in the lab are totally different things as it is something that is not resonating with everyone. JUST Inc. is planning on making its first debate as commercially selling the cultured chicken product this year. The labeling of the species from which it is derived and that it is cultured has to be clearly mentioned. This new meat has been approved by the food officials and is just awaiting the populace to enjoy it too. The companies like Memphis Meats along with the food industry representatives are eagerly waiting to commercialize the product. Recently, WHO has found the red meat in the processed form such as frankfurters, ham, meat-based preparations or sauces, sausages, corned beef, canned meat, and beef jerky as carcinogenic; thus, for reducing its sale to implement health taxes.

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