NASA Gives Approval To Space Plane For Future Missions Toward The ISS

NASA Gives Approval To Space Plane For Future Missions Toward The ISS

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A tiny space plane designed to carry cargo to the ISS (International Space Station) has been given approval by NASA to start the production, with a potential first flight in late 2020. Known as the Dream Chaser, the plane is being developed by the SNC (Sierra Nevada Corporation) from Nevada, which is a part of a NASA’s CRS (Commercial Resupply Services) 2 contracts. Lately, SNC disclosed their spacecraft had approved an important review and expansion could now move ahead in earnest.

John Curry—Program Director for CRS-2 at SNC—said in a statement that NASA’s acceptance that SNC has finished this significant milestone. Curry also stated, “Its sanction of full construction of the first ever Dream Chaser spaceship is a foremost indication that we are on the correct path to increasing fundamental science return for the business.” Dream Chaser is a recyclable spaceship that is about four times tinier than the Space Shuttle, measuring about 9 Meters (30 Feet) long. It can be launch on the top of a rocket—specifically the Atlas V—to reach space. The vehicle will come back to Earth by itself, drifting to a runway landing and giving it the capability to revisit cargo and experiment from the orbit. Only one of the private spacecraft—SpaceX’s Dragon capsule—presently has this ability.

Recently, NASA was also in news for reviewing the computer security following a data breach. NASA states it is evaluating its network security procedures and processes after a computer break-in revealed personal information and social security numbers of the space agency’s past and current employees. The breach was determined in October and its full amount and brunt have yet to be concluded. NASA says it will give identity guard services to all who have been potentially affected by this data breach.

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