Facebook’s Potential “Clear History” Feature Won't Be Rolled Out Until 2019

Facebook’s Potential “Clear History” Feature Won’t Be Rolled Out Until 2019

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Even though Facebook disclosed its privacy-focused “Clear History” feature back in May 2018, it is not supposed to be open for its users up to the upcoming year. Revealed after the Cambridge Analytica scam, this feature will let the users clear their browsing history linked to their Facebook accounts. In turn, this feature will offer the user with more hold on their data to be stored with Facebook.

As per the latest report, now, this feature is projected to be rolled out for trails by 2019 spring, with broader availability likely to follow. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, Facebook, demoed the latest feature during the firm’s annual developer conference. It created a lot of buzzes and was said to be Facebook’s effort to soothe privacy advocates. The feature was expected to be launched within some months after its announcement in May 2018.

On a similar note, recently, Facebook announced that it is rolling out a new tool that can make it possible for users to know if their data were compromised. This feature came following the firm’s discloser about a software error that impacted about 7 Million users. The firm recently clarified that this issue is solved now. Facebook’s recently introduced help page is supposed to alert users if their Facebook account was compromised. However, for this purpose, they will have to log in to their social networking account.

For users who did not face the latest data violation issue, the message will display as, “Your Facebook account has not been affected by this issue and the apps you use did not have access to your other photos.” On the other hand, for users whose account might have affected in this data breach, the tool will enlist all the apps where their photos were uncovered. As a security measure, the firm suggested its users check all apps where they have shared their Facebook photos.