DC Attorney General Sues Facebook Over Cambridge Analytica Scam

DC Attorney General Sues Facebook Over Cambridge Analytica Scam

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The Washington, DC attorney general’s office this week declared that it is filing a court case in opposition to Facebook for the Cambridge Analytica scam. The scam exploded this year after it was disclosed that Facebook had leaked the info of hundreds of millions of consumers by sharing the data with an organization, which was later obtained by the data company.

While Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO) was dragged to testify before Congress after the disclosure, and since then Cambridge Analytica has folded, the court case is the first primary government measure taken in the US in opposition to Facebook for the scam.

The court case blames that lax privacy measures for 3rd-party applications and associate firms permitted an incident similar to the data leak to occur, and states that the firm misrepresented ability of 3rd-party developers to get data. As per the suit, Facebook breached the Consumer Protection Procedures Act with its actions. The office of attorney general is looking for civil charges.

On a related note, the office of New York Attorney General earlier issued an investigation of Helios & Matheson, checking whether parent company of MoviePass misled sponsors, as per the media reports. Investigators are checking the firm’s financial disclosure employing the Martin Act, an anti-fraud state regulations that permits law enforcement organizations to investigate alleged securities fraud and bring criminal or civil charges.

MoviePass verified the investigation, claiming that it is helping the inquiry issued by New York Attorney General. “We think our public disclosures have been timely, complete, and truthful and we have not misled sponsors,” Helios & Matheson claimed to the media in an interview. “We look forward to the chance to show this to the Attorney General of New York,” it further added. This development marks one more hold up for MoviePass, which clocked a staggering $124.6 Million working loss in its quarter of June.