Amalgamation Of Bunny DNA And Plant Genome Can Help Clean Homely Air

Amalgamation Of Bunny DNA And Plant Genome Can Help Clean Homely Air

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Home is generally considered to be a very safe and pure environment to live in. But, lately, it is a false proof as the atmosphere in the houses have turned out to become a gas chamber filled with noxious air as a result of the chloroform and formaldehyde being released owing to the daily used products. The breathing in of such gases on a daily basis is quite life threatening.

It is the latest followed trend that setting up of houseplants can help take out some of the toxins from the air even though not in a massive amount. According to the experts, every house needs at least two large houseplants per every 100 square feet so as to help detoxify the air on an effective basis. The researchers from the University of Washington have found a technique to enhance the detoxifying characteristic of the houseplants by just cutting into the DNA using rabbit’s DNA. The plain old bunny could prove so beneficial is something mindboggling. The researchers introduced the mammalian gene CYP2E1 into the plant Epipremnum aureum, commonly known as pothos ivy. The gene predetermines an enzyme that severs down a number of toxins which are commonly found in the home such as chloroform or benzene.

The spicing of the rabbit CYP2E1 into the plant DNA and checked its effectiveness after placing it in a container containing benzene or chloroform gas. The concentrations of these gases in the container had drastically reduced. Hence, the current state-of-affairs is foolproof according to the researchers.  The researchers are now planning about creating a biofilter that contains the modified ivy so as to help clean the air in just the same way as the commercial home particulate filter does. Its future right now has no word but this molecular biology experiment is no doubt pretty cool. Lately, researchers from the Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) have found that the plants are a source of green power and they can actually generate electricity of about 150 Volts that is enough to light up a 100 LED light bulb from a single leaf. The researchers also confirmed that an amalgam tree made using natural and artificial leaves can work like an innovative green electrical generator so as to convert the wind energy into electricity.

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