Cyber Attack Leaves NASA’s Fundamental Data Vulnerable

Cyber Attack Leaves NASA’s Fundamental Data Vulnerable

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A cybersecurity personnel from NASA personnel has currently examined the components of the NASA servers wherein personally identifiable information (PII) was stockpiled. After the first investigation, NASA confirmed that data from one of the servers possessing Social Security numbers plus other PII information of present and ex- NASA employees have been breached. The employees’ data are currently vulnerable at the hands to hackers.

Immediately after knowing this incident, NASA cybersecurity personnel have strategized to take action so as to protect the servers and the data present within. NASA along with its Federal cybersecurity partners are still examining the servers in order to culminate the possibility of the potential data exfiltration and discover potentially affected folks. This process is going to be very time-consuming. The continuing investigation is presently the top agency precedence wherein even the senior-most management is also actively involved. According to NASA, the cyber attack has not yet resulted in jeopardizing any of the Agency missions.

NASA has already mailed all its employees regarding the data breach so as to create awareness even if your data has been compromised or not. The on-boarded or separated NASA Civil Service employees along with the ones transferred between Centers from July 2006 to October 2018 are assumed to have been affected. After the thorough identification, NASA will provide particular follow-up information to all the employees whose PII data has been breached such as giving in details regarding identity protection services or related resources. The supreme management team has made it a point to focus and strategically manage the protection of personal information. NASA is currently taking an initiative of securing all the servers as well as analyzing the procedures and processes so as to guarantee that all the agencies are following the latest security practices. NASA astronomers have lately warned that a giant space rock named Asteroid RX4 which is almost three-times bigger than a double-decker bus is expected to glide the planet late tonight.

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