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Keep Religious Faith out of Politics – Part I

If you call yourself a Christian, you must be a follower of Jesus-Christ. According to many biblical passages, when Jesus was on our planet, many materialistic men thought he was going to establish an earthly kingdom and those men thought they will be part of that ruling class. But Jesus was here on earth for a specific mission which was to save the human race from sin. Jesus wasn’t involved in politics nor did he impose his will on his followers. Another word, it was plain and simple, “separation of religions and states.” Our founding fathers drafted our Constitution based on that basic principle of biblical passages which we should be enjoying in our political system today.

Whatever happened today in our political system where the founding fathers stated in our Constitution the “separation of church and state?” Why all of a sudden religion became the dominant topic for our political discussions? Why do we ignore all the issues that really affect our national affairs and our positions in the world of education, economic, international affairs, military, etc.? Are we losing track of who we are as a nation? Ladies and gentlemen, the world is waiting for leadership guidance. It’s time to make the turn to the right path before it’s too late.

If you are a real evangelical Christian, you are a follower of Jesus-Christ. That means you are not a radical political fanatic of the insane political rhetoric that promote racism, anti-healthcare, anti-freedom of choice of people who have different ideas like yourself, concern about the rights the Constitution made available to you while your ignore the others rights, anti-poor to the point you promote legislations to crush those who oppose your views, and you will never defend the Roman Empire which is idolatry worship of the Catholic church. A real Christian does what Jesus did while he was on earth and we find those examples in the book of the Bible as a reference to guide us to do the right things for mankind and to be exemplified ourselves as Christians:

  • Matthew 4:19
  • I Peter 2:21
  • Hebrew 12:14 & 15
  • I Timothy 6:11
  • I Thessalonians 5:15 – 18
  • I Corinthians 14:1

 Take the time to read those passages from your Bible then you will find out why you should keep religion out of politics. History tells us it is very dangerous to mix politics and religions. In Europe, for example, in the past, they raged war among different religious groups; in Middle-East, they produced radical clerics who made women second class citizens in their society; in southern states in the United States of America, they promote racism and ethnic divisions; in red states in America, they promoted hate, ignorance of other citizens rights guaranteed by our constitution; and in today’s political process, they elevate political rhetoric that are sending shock waves warning in our political process. Our politicians feed their egos on those unfriendly atmospheres. It’s about time for us to take control of our emotions, our faith, and our religious beliefs to keep it in the place where it belongs which is always in the church and out of politics. The United States Constitution makes it clear and simple we must keep “separation of church and state.” We are a democratic society and we must conduct our national business democratically which mean the national issues must be what we discuss in the political process, and religious issues and faith issues should not be part of our political discussion. That will be best for the country and its citizens to find workable solutions to our national problems.

 This is part one of many series to come about religious beliefs and politics. As a democratic society, we have to conduct our national business as a civilized and responsible society and be an example for the rest of the world because the entire planet is looking upon us for guidance. We are not permitted to advance our own constitutional rights while we are taking away others’ constitutional rights, liberty, rights to choice as they please, and the pursuit of happiness that they are entitled too.

Reason for “separation of religion and state” in America

God in his mighty power allowed mankind to choose as they please and at the same time he let us know the consequences of the choices we make in our lives. God never in any way impose his will on us and that’s the only reason he sent his only Son in the world to die to save mankind. As human beings, God allowed us to be free to choose to do right or wrong and he also let us knows in advance the results and consequences of choices we make while we are on earth. No where in the Bible God impose his will on human. God is “pro-choice”, so why not you, as his follower, let others choose what they want to do with their personal lives. We can’t afford to be in the 21st Century as a Barbarian Nation by imposing our will on others by legislating our citizen’s personal lives. The world is modernized with new technological ideas; “Personhood Legislation” is not one of those new fresh ideas. John 8:7.

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Reflexion of the Day – February 14, 2012

Radical ideological negative political statements are perfect recipes to build craters and develop erosion in our national social fabric. But understanding the real problems our nation is facing is a great starting point to find real solutions to improve the lives of all our citizens. “Us against them” never work and will never find real solutions that will serve the most members of our society. Working together like a team on the field of our every day lives always finds proper solutions for the common good. Remember Republicans, Democrats, conservatives, liberals, and progressives we are all Americans and we will always be Americans. Honestly, working together it’s a must do with no questions ask.

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War on Religions – Are you kidding me?

Be very carefull who you are defending

If you are listening to the news lately, the only subject on the news schedule is “Obama’s War on Religions.” After learning how to lie, steal, cheat, what makes a perfect radical ideological conservative republican? We understand that politics is one of the most unfriendly discipline mankind have ever known. If we are looking for a perfect meaning for “political rhetoric,” we believe it will be fair to say character assassination is the best meaning to assign to that discipline.

 To gain momentum with voters, politicians’ best choice is to make the opponent look bad to the electorates. To accomplish that goal they will make fantasy illustrations, even personal attacks on the opponent personality just to gain sympathy from the voters. Misinformed voters are the easy target for the insane rhetoric which we call “red meat.”

It's Started with him

The issue that brings us to these insane campaign slogans lately has nothing to do with religions and war on religions. Any rational voter will understand that the key issues here are labors’ rights and benefits. As civilize society, we are governed by laws and orders to interact with each other. Our laws must be observed and respected by individuals as well as any institutions that operate within our social fabric. The wording in the rule published by the Department of Health and Human Services may need some reclassification to make it acceptable and understandable by the general public and if you are looking at that rule, it never asked the Catholic Church to go against its teaching.

Politics is a dirty discipline in which if human do not adopted politics first, we believe pigs could be the first to practice politics because today’s political rhetoric look like a mud fight as we know it. Sometimes we wonder if the politicians really believe in the statements they made in public. For example: “Obama’s War on Religions, “Obama did not create the recession but he makes it waste” “If I am elected President I will repeal Dodd-Frank Financial Regulation,” “If I am elected President, I will overturn Roe v Wade”. These statements are bunch of lies. The President of theUnited Statescannot repeal laws without Congress of theUnited States. But majority of misinformed voters will believe them because the politicians tell them what they want to hear.

We cannot solve the country’s problems with those lies. We need a President who knows, feels, and understand what are the problems the average citizen face in their every day lives. Social issues like abortion, same sex marriage, religions (our constitution already made provision for that), and so on are not going to solve our debt crisis, unemployment, poverty, and education. We need to inform ourselves to find out what are the real issues to change the country. Stop watching Fox News and find a better way to be informed about real issues that affect us all as one nation regardless of the political party we decide to associate ourselves with. Remember we are one nation.


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