The Vanishing Act Of MH370 Is Still Unexplained Even After Four Years

The Vanishing Act Of MH370 Is Still Unexplained Even After Four Years


The Vanishing Act Of MH370 Is Still Unexplained Even After Four Years

The vanishing of MH370 provoked safety proposals are intended to avoid another flight from mysteriously disappearing. Four years have passed, still the possibility is on.

 The reason is due to international needs for new airplanes to transmit their position every minute during difficulty, will be enforced until the year January, 2021.  The disappearance of Malaysian flight 370 still remains the largest mystery in the modern era of aviation.

In the age when people are capable of keeping a track of their smart phones and iPhones, the most advanced mode of transport in the world still doesn’t have the capability to do the same, putting in stake the life of around four billion passengers who avail this transport, yearly.

A London University’s professor of electronics, David Stupples, said that no one can say that the MH370 will never happen again. Until the year 2040-50, majority of airplanes will fly with no proper tracking gadget.

An airplane flying at 575 miles per hour that vanishes within 15-minute pings produce a prospective search periphery of nearly 170,000 square kilometers, which is equal to Florida’s size. So, there remains very little possibility of finding out the survivors in a short time.

FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd., a Calgary based company is selling a technology that can track airplanes through satellite costing around $60, 000. It can locate the airborne location of a flight every twenty seconds. Nearly, 1,800 airplanes have the product installed.

The Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared on March 8, 2014. It started from Kuala Lumpur and was scheduled to stop at Beijing. There were 239 passengers. No traces of the bodies were discovered, except a few broken pieces of the flight in Africa.

The technology of 1-minute tracking which is to be ready in 2021, almost after 7 years of the disappearance of the Malaysian Airline, indicates the struggle within the aviation industry.

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