DPO Is The Most Highly Paid And Sought After Job In Britain

DPO Is The Most Highly Paid And Sought After Job In Britain


DPO Is The Most Highly Paid And Sought After Job In Britain

Officers of data protection are in high demand and have become the hottest property in the field of technology.

Back in 2006, Jen Brown had won the first certificate for the information privacy. At that point in time, the organizations were in search of the proficient manpower that was capable to take care of the ethical and legal issue of the customer data. However, the scenario has changed in 2018, and the firms are thriving to comply with the European law that will jumble the data privacy rules in a huge way.

A DPO or Data Protection Officer said that he got this job when no one was aware of this position and was least bothered about the same. He struggled to grab his hands on this job. He is astounded to see that people are recognizing this position and giving utmost importance.

Once the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR of European Union is accomplished in May, DPOs will be in high demand across the globe.

This law was designed to offer greater control to the European citizens over their online information. This law will be implemented in all the companies who are in business terms with Europe. In order to accomplish substantial monitoring and processing of the personal data it is important to hire a DPO. Hence, the demand for this position is about to elevate remarkably. To be precise more than 28,000 DPO professionals will be needed in the U.S. and Europe to cater to the demand.

Previously, the DPOs were not sought after as apart from Philippines and Germany, no other country was aware of the DPO laws.

The job listing for the said position has also increased at a rate of 700% in the last 18 months. These professionals are also being offered a higher salary slab to grab the scarcely available professionals.

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