New Portal, Cybercrime Lab To Deal With Crimes Against Females: Home Minister

New Portal, Cybercrime Lab To Deal With Crimes Against Females: Home Minister


New Portal, Cybercrime Lab To Deal With Crimes Against Females: Home Minister

The government has determined to set up a cybercrime reporting portal to deal with the cybercrimes against females, as stated by Rajnath Singh, Union Home Minister. “We will also set up a devoted cybercrime laboratory to bring a halt to the crimes against children and women,” said Singh while addressing the crowd after inaugurating the 24th All-India Forensic Science Conference.

He stated there is a requirement to augment cyber forensic abilities in the contemporary world as cyberspace has put in a new dimension as well as new impediments. He said, “Traditional policing is not enough to manage the offense in cyberspace. However, forensic science can be tremendously helpful in cyberspace. A significant role is played by our cyber forensic experts in putting off radicalization of our youth. I praise the attempts of our cyber experts in the counter-radicalization. There are events when morphed images are utilized to generate tension and confusion.”

The Union Home Minister mentioned several nations have effectively made use of forensic DNA database in their battle against the offense. He said, “We are also functioning toward a Forensic DNA Database. The Center is arranging an enormous framework for crime control. We’ve got a hold of the crime and criminal trailing systems and network. By linking this centralized database with forensic labs and courts, we will generate an Inter-Operable Criminal Justice System.”

He stated that new technologies such as blockchain technology, robotics, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, the internet as things, and cloud computing are creating new security problems before us. He said, “Forensic experts should convert these obstacles into opportunities.” Pressing on a demand for standard operating methods for all forensic labs so as to shun incongruities in reports, he mentioned that the series of guardianship of samples should be transparent.

He said, “Our police forces should be sensitized about forensics. They must be trained appropriately in forensics, especially the investigating officers must update and upgrade their forensic know-how. At the district level, there ought to be Forensics Pe Charcha.” Urging the universities to come about with standardized course outline on forensics and function toward quality education, he mentioned that the forensic professionals play a significant role in building a case foolproof.

Portraying detection as the largest restraint for crime control, he stated that the forensic professionals can play a key part in the investigation, detection, and criminal detection of criminals. He added, “A qualitative transform can be brought in investigations with forensics.” The Union Home Minister, on the event, released a memento and bestowed certificates to the forensic experts.

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