An Education-Focused Event Scheduled By Apple On March 27

An Education-Focused Event Scheduled By Apple On March 27

An education-focused event has been scheduled by Apple at a Chicago high school on March 27. Media invited have been sent by the US-based firm, where it states it will share “innovative new ideas for children and teachers.” For the time being, nothing much is known pertaining to what Apple is likely to introduce at the event, however, the alteration of location to a new city and state, without doubt, indicates something to be out of the ordinary.

In addition to a new series of iPhone models anticipated this year, the company in 2018 can be projected to roll out new MacBook and iPad models. Also, there have been buzzes of a low-cost iPad being rolled out this year and this occasion can very well be somewhat linked to that. The Cupertino-based company, after all, places its iPad tablet series as desktop and laptop replacements, and the roll out can be a means for the tech giant to thrust its tablets into the market for education that is progressively witnessing the implementation of low-priced laptops such as Chromebooks.

Apple is also expected to roll out this year an entry-level MacBook lineup and a low-priced MacBook Air—few other prospects for the March 27 event of Apple. Also, what is a probable picture is the roll out of the new features and apps based on ARKit that facilitate virtual tours. The invite, which was broadcast by Engadget, plainly states, “Let us take a field trip,” which can mean the usage of augmented reality to get the students on the virtual field tours.

As we mentioned, nothing much is acknowledged about the event scheduled by Apple for the moment, with a small number of rumors directly pinpointing to such a launch. All we can do is wait and watch what Apple is having in its stores for us.

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