D For Darzi Conveys Reasonably Priced Clothing To Online Boosting Tailoring Community

D For Darzi Conveys Reasonably Priced Clothing To Online Boosting Tailoring Community

Planning to offer a tech-boost to the conventional custom-made clothing, a teen capitalist has started D For Darzi, a new startup. This startup will provide the goods to the poor community of tailoring all over the subcontinent of India.

Started by Saira Aslam, the journalist turned entrepreneur, the company has already joined forces with Blossom Kochhar (well-known beauty expert), while activist and designer Sanjana Jon also promised this week a future partnership.

After a communal event carried out here this week, D For Darzi claimed that it will roll out its e-commerce site by the end of this month to make customized tailoring easy to order and reasonably priced.

It invited public contribution from females of all backgrounds, ages, and color to work for it. The company got response from many big and small cities all over the country.

Aslam remembered how an NGO employee had informed her 5–6 years back related to the tailors in the interior regions of Bengal and Bihar where they were given some 25 Paise for the one blouse’s stitching. And they used to sew up almost 100 blouses each day.

“I kept mulling over what price they really took home. The sum of Rs 25 for stitching 100 blouses kept haunting me and was outrageous. Even if the amount advanced in these last couple of years, it would not have enhanced dramatically.

“We all are aware of collapse of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh and the crowded conditions, below which most of the tailors work even in the country. Via D For Darzi, we wish to partner with and identify this poor community of tailoring and enhance their living standards,” she claimed and invited investors and NGOs for partnership.

Director for Operation and Planning, Hayat Rafique, claimed that they are attempting to fit into medium, small, and large size of clothes instead of clothes that must be made to fit them.

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