Google Teaming Up With Retail Giants For Product Listings

Google Teaming Up With Retail Giants For Product Listings

Google has been playing a prominent role in obtaining honest review of the products used by the people across the globe. Now, it is up for a greater initiative by collaborating with the retail giants like Walmart Inc., Target Corp., Home Depot Inc., Ulta Beauty Inc., and Costco Wholesale Corp. It will now be charging the companies for listing the products on Google Express Shopping Service, Google Search, and Google Assistant on voice as well as mobile devices.

The loyalty programs of the retailers will be linked to the Google listings, in exchange for which the retailers will have to pay a cut from every purchase. This will not be equivalent to the pay-per-click that the retailers pay the sites to post advertisements. The proposal by Google will further influence the shoppers to take the decision in favor of it.

This decision will help offer a fair chance to the retailers that fail to contest in the highly competitive market as Inc. is ruling it. This will also promote enhanced purchased on mobile devices, smart home devices, desktops, and others with the help of voice search.

According to Daniel Alegre, the President of Google, people have asked questions taking assistance of various images. As per him, the last two years have witnessed a huge number of questions about the whereabouts of a product. It has increased about 85%. However, the customers end up purchasing products from Amazon. The latest initiative will enable other retail chains to keep up with the enhancing demands of the people.

Daniel believes Google has the potential to prove in the field of retail and the decision will accentuate the chances further. With this, a customer will be able to add a product of his/her choice to the Google Express Cart on the phone. Later more items can be added to the cart with the help of Google Home voice device. This will increase the size of the shopping cart by at least 30%. He further added this as an initial target and in future, the online accounts will also be linked to the Google accounts.

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