Elon Musk’s Father Needs Him To Stop Throwing Tantrums And Grow Up

Elon Musk’s Father Needs Him To Stop Throwing Tantrums And Grow Up

Elon Musk, the tech superstar who has established companies that are not less than four billion dollar in value, must grow up and stop throwing tantrums, claimed his father to the media in an interview. “Elon requires growing up,” claimed Errol, father of the 46-year-old farsighted billionaire and a successful consulting engineer, was seen claiming to the media this week.

The CEO of SpaceX and Tesla had previously called Errol, who surprised his adult kids by fathering a child with his new much younger wife. “You have no idea how awful human being he was,” Elon claimed to a reporter of the Rolling Stone, the American magazine, with tears in his eyes.

“My dad will have a cautiously planned strategy of evil. He will think of evil. He has done almost every offense you can probably think of. He has done almost every vice thing you can probably think of. It is so awful, you cannot believe it,” claimed the man who harbors strategies to make distant planets’ habitable colonies.

When the local media this week had a chance with Errol in South Africa’s Western Cape at his home, he made an outrageous disclosure of his own. He claimed that he was once convicted of manslaughter for shooting three human beings dead who broke into his house. He was then set free, after pleading for self defense. But it is an instance he wonders might be the reason for cruel words of Elon.

“I am going to wait until he has his senses back. He is having an outburst, like a spoilt kid,” Errol claimed of his very successful son who sold and co-founded the leading Internet payment system of the world, PayPal, and one of the first directions services and Internet maps, Zip2. This information was also backed by reporters and media sources.

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