Former Spy Chief Of Israel And Group Of Elite Hackers Form Cyber Security Company

Former Spy Chief Of Israel And Group Of Elite Hackers Form Cyber Security Company

Tamir Pardo, the Retired Mossad chief, claimed that he has brought together a group of over 30 hackers from intelligence and security services of Israel into a startup named as XM Cyber. This startup looks to keep networks of the companies secure by emulating how real attackers work.

Pardo, who spearheaded the spy agency of Israel from 2011 to 2016, established XM Cyber 2 years back and is the president of the company. “I believed that there are so many firms with great services but they are not aiming on the correct question,” claimed Pardo to the media in an interview. “The real question is: are my precious diamonds really safe?”

Pardo conveyed with him hackers that were preset in the offence group of security services of Israel, comprising the Shin Bet, the Mossad, and the elite 8200 unit of the army.

Many firms brought together the so-called red groups of hackers to discover vulnerabilities in their systems but this alternative is costly and once they leave, their discoveries can easily turn out to be outdated as corporate systems are continually altering.

While at the Mossad, Pardo began the idea for a fund to assist design new spy methods that were rolled out in 2017. He claimed that the platform of his company constantly replicates attacks and discovers blind spots of a network. “We made a machine that observes website executing the task done by human attackers,” Pardo claimed. He further added that the tech offers defense by jamming holes in a network.

XM Cyber lifted $15 Million, mostly from Shaul Shani, the Israeli billionaire who traded his Brazilian firm Global Village Telecom for $4.5 Billion to Vivendi in 2009. The firm has users in Israel, Europe, and the United States in banking, insurance, and critical infrastructure. Pardo refused to name those customers.

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