200 Million New Users Can Be Added By Offering Internet In Indian Languages: IAMAI

200 Million New Users Can Be Added By Offering Internet In Indian Languages: IAMAI

As per a report, providing a facility for Internet access in a language of their preference would have assisted more than 200 Million people to go digital in India. With an Internet user base of 481 Million (as of December 2017), the country has the 2nd largest Internet user base in the globe following China and is anticipated to attain a user base of 500 Million by June 2018.

The report by the Kantar IMRB, a market research firm, and Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), a non-profit industry body, said that a major stimulator for 23% of the Internet non-users to turn digital is Internet in Indic languages.

The report mentioned, “Significant Internet services such as basic e-commerce, digital payments, online job search, and so on are very limited right now on account of the dearth of ease of executing such actions in a language of preference.” The results are founded on an assessment of 60,000 people across 170 towns & cities and 15,000 people in 750 villages.

Internationally, China has handled to attain the highest numeral of Internet users by making use of the Mandarin language for Internet material so much that it’s the 2nd most trendy language after English on the Internet. On the contrary, Indic content held hardly 0.1% of the global Internet content, mentioned the report.

But to recognize the Digital India visualization, the nation will have to build an Indic Internet network that will increase Internet espousal and actually support the digital accreditation of the socio-economically poor segments of the populace, said IAMAI.

Also, providing Internet access in additional Indian languages can aid link the rural–urban digital partition. Internet infiltration, as of December 2017, in urban India was 64.84% in comparison to 20.26% in the rural regions.

As per the report’s findings, a comparatively higher part of Indic content use can be witnessed in rural India (76%), whereas in urban India around 66% Internet users access the Internet in the Indic languages.

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