More Control To Be Give To Users Over Private Data By Facebook

More Control To Be Give To Users Over Private Data By Facebook

More command will be given to the users over their privacy by Facebook by making data management simpler and revamping the settings menu, as said by the company. This move has come following the outrage over a violation that disclosed the private details of so many people and was supposedly utilized by a political consultancy.

The social media giant also mentioned it would recommend updates to the data policy and terms of service of the social media website in the approaching weeks to better explicate what data it gathers and how it utilizes it.

A worldwide outrage was faced by the social media giant after a whistleblower stated that information from millions of Facebook users was inappropriately gathered by consultancy Cambridge Analytica to aim the British and the United States electors in the close-run elections.

Since March 16, the shares of Facebook are down almost 18% when it first recognized that information of the users had been inappropriately directed to Cambridge Analytica, devouring away almost $100 billion of the market worth of the company.

In a statement, Ashlie Beringer, the deputy general counsel of Facebook, and Erin Egan, its chief privacy officer, said, “We have listened clear and loud that privacy settings and other significant means are very difficult to locate, and that we should do more to keep the users notified.”

Apart from revamping on mobile devices its settings menu, the social media giant stated it is generating a fresh privacy shortcut menu wherein the users would be capable of better protecting their accounts and manage private data. Also, it would enable the users to assess and erase information they have shared, comprising search queries and posts.

Users would be capable of downloading the data distributed with Facebook, comprising contacts included to their account, uploaded photos, and timeline posts.

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