Mattis’ Exit Is Hard For US’ Foreign Policy As Chaos Grips The Trump Regime

Mattis’ Exit Is Hard For US’ Foreign Policy As Chaos Grips The Trump Regime

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Recently, Vladimir Putin—Russian President—has offered President Donald Trump a lot more praises. Reportedly, Jim Mattis—Defense Secretary—gave his resignation, on which American associates fear the worse. On the other hand, the top foreign policymakers in Congress cannot stop celebrating. As a quarter of the federal administration barrels tumbling into a closedown, the biggest account in Washington’s distress over America’s occurrence overseas, where associates fear a pullback of the universal superpower that has been the foundation of diplomatic and military alliances that have been there since the ending of the Second World War.

Lately, Trump tapped Patrick Shanahan—Deputy Secretary of Defense—to become the functioning Secretary of Defense, after Mattis’ shock resignation. Shanahan—who is an ex-Boeing executive and who headed the growth of the 787 Dreamliner—captivated the Pentagon’s second-ranking position in 2017. US Army Lt. Colonel Joe Buccino stated to CNBC that Shanahan would go on to serve as stated by the president. Buccino further added that the U.S. DoD (Department of Defense) would stay focused on the defense of the U.S. His provisional appointment shows unlikely to alleviate the growing apprehensions regarding the direction of US’ foreign policy, or the chaos surrounding the Trump government.

On a similar note, recently, Trump’s functioning secretary of defense would step into responsibility with no foreign policy and military experience. Provisional Deputy Defense Secretary—Patrick Shanahan—would take control of the administration’s biggest and most complex agency having no military or foreign policy background. Reportedly, Shanahan will be charged with conducting the President’s commands of removing the U.S. troops from Syria and probably Afghanistan. A defense executive confirmed to CNN that Shanahan has called off his holiday travel and has directed back to Washington. Shanahan has almost solely handled budget issues, inner reform, and the Space Force.

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