Genetic Pathway Driving Puberty Timings In Both Sexes Has Been Exposed

Genetic Pathway Driving Puberty Timings In Both Sexes Has Been Exposed

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The researchers have found a genetic route that helps time the onset of puberty in both male and female. The group of genes that induce differences in the brains in terms of controlling the sexual maturation in the opposite sexes has been found by researchers from the Columbia University scientists. The researchers are fundamentally trying to prove that the genetic effects linked to sex-based differences in the brain development so as to help understand the wiring and working of the male and female brain.

The scientists have long found that the onset of sexual maturation takes place only after the activation of specific neurons that trigger the hormonal signal production along with substantial changes related to the body and brain of an individual. The major fish in the net here is the reason or product that causes the brain to release the hormones related to puberty which are later on difficult to pin down. Looking at the early onset of maturation in kids, there is a major need for understanding the neural development along with external influences that cause these changes in humans. There is a regulatory genes pathway present in the certain neurons that bring about functional plus anatomical variations in the male and female brains. The researchers carried out their research on a roundworm Caenorhabditis. elegans by adding in mutations (Lin28) or overexpression of the gene led to either the early onset or delay in puberty. Along with this, there were three more genes found to be linked to premature sexual maturation out of which the Lin29 gene seemed more interesting.

Only the male brain had Lin29 present in them that were expressed in the central neurons and helped establish a vibrant difference in the neural structures of both the sexes. A slight deletion or addition of these genes brings about a huge difference in the behavior, speech, or other functions of the humans. The sexual maturation’s connection with the brain is a hardwired mystery to be solved. As per the study in the Human Reproduction journal, the researchers have found that the mother’s puberty age is also the time their boys will attain sexual maturation as well. The mothers tend to give in most of the genes to their offspring be it in terms of physical or behavioral factors.

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