Roku To Challenge Amazon Prime With Its Newly Rolled Out Service

Roku To Challenge Amazon Prime With Its Newly Rolled Out Service

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The streaming set-top box maker, Roku is all set to break the records with a phenomenal service that will offer paid premium channels like Starz and Showtime, which can also be watched on the smartphones. Roku revealed its list of Premium Subscriptions about to release this month in a phased rollout.

The basic idea of Roku is similar to that of Amazon Prime Video Channels. The latter allows the subscribers to buy add-on subscriptions of the videos while amalgamating with the personal TV powered by the internet with a single click purchase. This is the most advanced expansion of the business without the set-top box and may take over a major portion of the market.

Along with the positive aspects, it also has some downsides that include lesser numbers of channels to choose from when it will launch. One of the most prominent channels missing from the launching offer is HBO. Also, the subscription to Roku doesn’t unlock the channels from various apps. Therefore, if a subscriber is thinking to switch over to Roku, he or she will not be able to watch the movies and shows in the Starz app through Roku, even if the payment for Starz through Roku is accomplished. The subscriber can only watch the contents in the Roku Channel.

The Android and iOS apps of Roku will be able to stream various movies and shows in the first instance. Till now, it was operational through the second remote after conjugating with the Roku streaming powered-on device. However, the Roku channel will be paired with other subscriptions and can also be viewed in the smartphone apps for the customers in the US. The Roku TV or Roku player will also allow starting a video and will also have the potential to restart the recording from the point it was left.