Huawei Employee Penalized For Tweeting Via iPhone

Huawei Employee Penalized For Tweeting Via iPhone

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Huawei Technologies was left red-faced when two of its employees used an iPhone to write a post on the firm’s official Twitter account. Huawei’s P-series are close competitors for Apple’s iPhone and unfortunately that division’s New Year’s Day wishes to its followers was done via a tweet “Happy #2019” that was marked as “through Twitter from iPhone”. Though the blunder was noticed and removed quickly, several screenshots of the error were shared on social media. As per an internal memo issued by Huawei’s senior VP and director Chen Lifang, this incident besmirched the Huawei brand.

In the memo Huawei clarified that its social media management company Sapient was facing VPN issues with its desktop computer and as time was running out its employees used an Apple smartphone that had an international SIM to send out the message before midnight and sent it in a hurry without realizing the error. In China several international social media platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter and others are blocked due to censorship policies. To gain access to these sites users have to apply for virtual private networks and Huawei being a telecom firm had access to the same.

The internal memo stated that as blunder displayed non-compliance of procedures and oversight by management two employees that were given the responsibility of posting the tweet on time were relegated to one rank lower and their salaries per month were reduced by $729. The salary of one of Huawei’s marketing director of digital marketing division will also be frozen for a year said the memo. In the past too Apple’s iPhone has caused embarrassment to advocates of Chinese phones when editor of Global Times Hu Xijin expressed his admiration for Huawei and ZTE Corp through a tweet using an iPhone. He was ridiculed for being hypocritical and asking others to become nationalistic and support local brands while he was using international products.

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