Personal Data Of German Politicians Breached

Personal Data Of German Politicians Breached

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Personal data of several German politicians has been stolen by hackers and published online. Details like contact numbers, email addresses, private chats and also financial data of German politicians except those belonging to AfD party were put on Twitter for everyone to see. Even personal data of some celebrities and members of the press were published on Twitter. As no one has claimed responsibility for the act it is unclear about who is the actual culprit for publishing data in the form of a calendar towards end of December. Authorities are working to find the guilty said interior minister Horst Seehofer though he assured that no other official data has been compromised.

Early investigations have revealed that origin of the leak was from a Hamburg based Twitter account and the city’s authorities are working with Irish Data Protection Commissioner to stop spread of this private data to other places. As the main office of Twitter in Europe is located in Dublin the responsibility for plugging the leak is on Irish authority for data protection. Justice Minister Katarina Barley said that the attack was carried out to shake the confidence of German people on their government and data privacy institutions.

Though sensitive data from Chancellor’s office was not shared on social media, information of German members of parliament, EU members of parliament and state parliamentary ministers were affected. The Twitter account was followed by 17,000 people and no one reported or noticed that sensitive data was being shared though these documents were being shared between December 1 and December 28. Seehofer divulged to media that the data had been obtained by wrongful use of log in details for email accounts and social networks. Besides private letters and email address of Chancellor Merkel, along with credit card details and private chats of The Greens leader Robert Habeck and email addresses of most parliamentarians were published online.

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