Sears May Eventually Land Up In Liquidation

Sears May Eventually Land Up In Liquidation

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Sears’ advisors are still unsure of how much the effort of Chairman Eddie Lampert can save retailers in the current condition of the company. He has offered a bid of $4.4 billion and 50,000 jobs to protect the company from entire bankruptcy. Most of the capital of his bid is sourced from outside and is highly doubted if the company can at all be saved from complete closure.

Sears, which is also the owner of Kmart, had revealed their bankrupt state back in October. The number of employees was then 68,000. Sears and ESL (Main funding investor of Sears) had set a meeting to talk about the bid, but a compromise was never reached at. Few people have come up to accept the offer. However, an additional issue is of the $1.8 billion which Lampert has offered as a debt it owned to ESL in the form of a credit bit. Advisors of Sears are in high doubt whether the bankruptcy judge would at all permit Lampert to offer a credit bit. They think there would foremost be an investigation regarding the transactions that Sears has undergone while in ownership of Lampert.

ESL has strictly mentioned that all the transactions with Sears under Lampert’s ownership were allowed by the board of the company. In most of the bankruptcy cases, both parties negotiate to reach a certain agreement. Same might be the case of Sears which is the only chance to save the company from liquidation. Lampert has finally taken out his trick cards. Saving the company from the shame of liquidating could perhaps be the only method to keep the other businesses, such as Sears Home Services unharmed. Therefore, even ESL considered the current offer to benefit Sears the most as well as the company’s creditors. The meeting between Sears and bankruptcy judge was set on January 4, 2019.

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