NASA Reveals Why Head Of Roscosmos Visit Was Cancelled

NASA Reveals Why Head Of Roscosmos Visit Was Cancelled

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Jim Bridenstine has now revealed why he had to rescind the invitation made as administrative head of NASA to Roscosmos head Dmitry Rogozen to USA as he had been told by several senators in recent months that going ahead with an idea like that was not a feasible at this point of time. Bridenstine told that he wanted to accommodate interests of US senators, so he rescinded the invitation. The press secretary of NASA had told Sputnik that the scheduled visit of Mr. Rogozen which was scheduled for February had been postponed and another data would be announced soon but another official stated that the visit had been cancelled.

This decision was supposedly taken as US Senator Jeanne Shaheen told NASA to withdraw the invitation to the head of Roscosmos as he had been sanctioned by US for the Ukraine Crisis. When the first time objections rose about the invitation NASA defended it by stating that relationship between both nations where space exploration is concerned dates back to 1970’s and this invitation is as per historic norms. It was normal for heads of space exploration from both nations to invite each other to their facilities and discuss their ongoing cooperation. But as members of Democratic Party were not pleased with the invitation and pointed to the fact that Dimitry Rogozin was still on the nation’s sanctions list.

Though Rogozin had been subject to sanctions by US government NASA had been trying to get a waiver for him. Spokesperson for Roscosmos has declined to make an official comment on the issue as it said that no formal invitation decline statement has been sent by NASA to them as yet. Last year during October the US Space Authority spokesperson had publicly announced that the Roscosmos chief had been invited to visit United States after Bridenstine had visited Baikonur Cosmodrome in October last year.

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