Chromecast Audio Speculated To Be Officially Terminated By Google

Chromecast Audio Speculated To Be Officially Terminated By Google

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Chromecast Audio, which can be called as something which is a peculiar cousin, to the widely-popular Google Chromecast of the tech-giant Google, that actually never quite managed to find some solid footing as far as the market is concerned, unlike the other. While it is true that this is a great add-on, mainly to the traditional speakers which are relatively dumb, it never caught on the people, as much as it was expected. This is owing to multiple things and factors that keep changing, when it comes to the market.

One of the main reasons which are believed to be the cause of the current situation as far as the Chromecast Audio is concerned is that the confusion between the consumers about some of the relevant things is way too high, among some other factors. Similar trends have been observe with some of the other products of the company which walked on a similar path on the recent past and met with a similar inevitable future, and these include the Nexus Q. Wave, Google TV, among other things.

But now, it seems that this little dongle as well, which has, in a way, transformed the multiple speakers that are available in the market, seems to be finally canned by the company. However, the end was always near, and this fact was made clear by the company indirectly, when it gave discount on the same well before the Black Friday. But despite these decisions taken by the company, it has decided that it will still be providing the support for current as well as the future customers as well, so it won’t be a stupid decision to still think of buying one at this point of time. In fact, since there are many deals on the table, it might be the best time to buy the same.

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