Legalization Of Marijuana In California Shows Some Mixed Results

Legalization Of Marijuana In California Shows Some Mixed Results

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This was an excellent year for the leading entrepreneur of marijuana Brian Blatz. After the legalization of marijuana in California on January 1, the lawyer having his experience in healthcare and banking has been working since one year to start trucking company which would transport marijuana buds, mixed juices & other similar items from fields & manufacturing plants to the store shelves. The Verdant Distribution of Long Beach said that the company wants to become the leading transporter of cannabis across the US. But it has gone now.

 The trucks of the company were sold in order to cover its debt as the warehouse’s license was expired. The rough rollout of the legal market in California has hampered this company with some costly delays, which was unexecuted because of the sudden change in state rule that allowed some of the marijuana business for becoming their own distributor, disrupting need for the stand alone producers such as Verdant. In the emerging market of California, there are many big challenges, says Blatz, who advises the clients of this fledgling industry. In the nation that has accepted the legalizing of cannabis, California is the top most among them. The top shelf cannabis, balms, munchies and concentrates are being made and sold. Many companies are carrying out their business well; especially the ones who have deep pockets can easily handle the twists & turns of market. But most of them lag. Also, companies like Blatz already have some casualties.

 On the end of this year, California is trying to convert its illegal & medicinal market of marijuana into the unified and multi-billion dollar industry which is still in progress. It is a mixture of many success stories, crashes as well as struggles. This illegal market has been continuously flourishing, as estimated that, 80% of sales within the state are still under table, snatching more profits from the legal storefronts.

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