TRAI Completes The Blockchain Pilots With IBM

TRAI Completes The Blockchain Pilots With IBM

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TRAI, which is the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, has reportedly just completed the blockchain pilots and that too with the tech-giant IBM. The decision has been taken by the same considering a handful of things including the improvement of the mobile data records. The trials of the same were reported recently by the sources, and many details regarding the same were revealed. TRAI, with some other major providers in the same industry, has completed all the tests with the tech firms including the IBM, mainly to explore the benefits of blockchain, for the improvement of the mobile network systems which include Mobile Number Portability also known as MNP, along with Do Not Call Registry as well.

The vice president of IBM research, named Sriram Raghavan, recently said that the company has just carried out some PoCs, along with the pilots with all the major providers in the telecom industry, including the TRAI. But the names of those that were present in the testing were not revealed by the man. In addition to that, he also claimed that this latest blockchain application will be able to allow the companies store the DNC and MNP data, on one of the private distributed ledgers, but only with the consent of the customer.

MNP, which is the feature called as Mobile Number Portability is an important feature that allows the users to retain the original phone number, while shifting from one network carrier to the other. On the other hand, DNC basically helps the customers by giving them an opportunity to limit the number of incoming calls from the telemarketers. One of the officials with TRAI recently confirmed the fact that the tech firms are indeed working with the telecom suppliers, and the companies are expected to set up mobile records based on blockchain in the coming months.

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