Starbucks To Join Hands With Uber For Effective Coffee Delivery

Starbucks To Join Hands With Uber For Effective Coffee Delivery

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The beverage-giant Starbucks is reportedly joining hands with Uber Eats, in an attempt to deliver the coffee in nearly six of the major cities in the United States, as per the statement given by the company to the media recently. As per the sources, Uber Eats will soon be partnering with Starbucks delivers, which is the delivery service of the coffee chain, and these companies will be offering the on-the-go coffee to the consumers in cities such as Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC, New York, and Chicago as well.

This particular service will be starting from the coming Tuesday, in San Francisco, and when it comes to the other five cities, the service will be taking some more time to be launched, perhaps a few more weeks. As per the statement given by the company, by the end of this rollout, the delivery-giant Uber Eats will be picking up the products from nearly a quarter of Starbucks’ stores in the United states, which accounts to nearly 3,500 branches of the same. Under this new service that is to be launched, all the people would be able to order nearly 95 %of the complete menu of Starbucks on the app of Uber Eats.

As per the sources, the company has recently come up with some new solutions when it comes to the packaging of the coffee, and this is expected to keep the beverage hot for relatively longer duration, as per the company. The coffee will remain hot within the entire 30-min delivery duration. As per the company, there are plans under process to launch the service in some other cities as well, but as of now, only six are confirmed. The company has as many as 29,000 stores present all over the world and it would be interesting to see how this joint venture expands globally.

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