About 35,000 Federal Workers Applied For Unemployment Benefits In Jan

About 35,000 Federal Workers Applied For Unemployment Benefits In Jan

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Very large number of the federal employees have been applying for the benefits of unemployment- which is an indication that partial government cease is taking serious financial charge on the laid off workers. About 35873 federal workers have filed the claims of unemployment during the initial two weeks in this year, according to the data reported by Labor Department on this Thursday. This number is more than twelve times who have usually applied for unemployment at this time frame. During the past 5 years, less than 3400 federal workers have filed for help within the initial two weeks of January.

The insurance benefits as well as the rules for unemployment varies from states to state, but many workers who have lost their livelihood are applicable to just fraction of regular payment of up to twenty-six weeks. This usually requires 2-3 weeks for the workers to receive their first check of unemployment, which asks a question why the past shutdowns failed to trigger such spikes during the jobless claims. A fact that most of the federal workers are applying for such help means that they have very little hope of closing down this shutdown. The rise in claims of unemployment is showing that this shutdown is activating the widespread financial distress for the government workers.

 The laid off workforce is lining up near food banks in order to have free meals while some of them have missed the mortgage payments. Some of the employees have started driving Lyft and Uber taxi to meet their daily needs. About a forecasted 800000 federal employees are going to miss their 2nd paycheck on Friday as this shutdown have reached till the finish of fifth week & the Donald Trump Administration’s plan to control the government funding was until the House Democrats pay him with $5.7 Mn for building up a wall.

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