Samsung Electronics Adopts Environment-Friendly Materials For Packaging

Samsung Electronics Adopts Environment-Friendly Materials For Packaging


Social corporate responsibility is a growing awareness that is inducing many companies like Samsung, to keep the environment clean.

Samsung is one among the international companies that are taking giant strides in keeping the environment plastic-free in its products like tablets, mobile phones, and home appliances, for which it is well-known for.

As one of the world’s biggest smartphone maker, the company is now using eco-friendly products as packages. It has done away with plastic packaging.

On Sunday, the company has said that packages made of pulp molds, paper, bio-based products, and recycled plastics will be used as packing materials. Even the phone charger with glossy exterior will be avoided along with other plastic protective films. It will now be replaced with a matte finish.

Many home appliances made by Samsung will now have bags that are more eco-friendly and which can be recycled. The protective plastic bags used for appliances like refrigerators, washing machine, air-conditioner, and television will now be made of bioplastic and recycled materials.

Single-use packaging will be gradually replaced, and in time, they will be removed entirely, says a spokeswoman from the company. Non-fossil materials like sugarcane and starch will now be used that will help to protect the environment.

In its Sustainability Report, Samsung has reported that it had used almost 590,000 tons of plastic material for the year 2017. But the recycled plastic used was only 6 percent of the total consumption.

The company is now making looking out for innovative ideas in packing its products, using better design and quality control ideas for its packages.

“Our company is committed to recycle resources and minimize pollution through our products. Sustainable materials that are environment-friendly will be adopted”, says the Head of Global Customer Satisfaction Center, Gyeong-bin Jeon.

A new system called the Loop is seen entering the market to recycle containers as an effort to conserve the environment.