New Chrome Extension Automatically Verifies If Your Passwords Are Safe

New Chrome Extension Automatically Verifies If Your Passwords Are Safe


A new Chrome Extension dubbed Password Checkup from Google will check automatically if your passwords have been negotiated in a hack. Once downloaded, the extension verifies any login details you employ against a database of almost 4 Billion passwords and usernames, and alerts you if it discovers a match.

Password violations are an unluckily widespread occurrence, but so long as you are employing a unique password for every website it is normally fairly easy to handle. Just modify the login credentials employed with the breached site, and that’s it. Unluckily, when massive breaches such as Collection #1 negotiate so many various passwords it can be unfeasible to know which of yours are still secure. That is where the new extension by Google comes in picture.

Since Password Checkup depends on sending your confidential data to Google, the firm is eager to stress that this is encrypted, and that it has no method of seeing your info. Passwords in the database are amassed in an encrypted and hashed format, and any alert that is created about your data is completely local to your device.

On a related note, Google Chrome earlier claimed to include a native dark mode for Windows gadgets. The new development follows after the firm was spotted getting ready with a dark theme particularly for the macOS Mojave’s Chrome browser. With support for native dark mode, Google Chrome will convey a contented Web browsing experience on Windows devices particularly in low lighting cases.

This is particularly not the first time when the firm has favored on its development with a dark mode. The firm already included a dark mode to its multiple services, comprising YouTube and Android. Microsoft’s Windows 10 is also showing support for an option to allow a system-across dark mode for a long time.