Space Force May Fill The Gap For NSS—Report

Space Force May Fill The Gap For NSS—Report

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In the last two decades, the organization and management of NSS have reviewed many issues with their workings. The Rumsfeld commission which was incorporated in 2001 and then the Allard commission started in 2009 have revealed that there are a number of sectors within the NSS which has space for positive and excellent trends. In addition to this, the commission also found out that there were shortfalls in the performances and underutilization of capabilities. It noted that many of these capabilities are fragile and thin. The main capabilities which are based on the space projects are nowadays provided by on-orbit assets which have become obsolete. The use of latest satellites comes with unaccounted expenses, technical problems related to performance, schedule growth and cancellations.

The various measures taken in accordance by the changes suggested by the different reform commissions have been found to be really slow to effect. There is no proper authority and accountability in relation to strategies, requirements, budgets, and acquisition in the NSS community. In another words there is no one who is in charge of the whole affairs. To tackle the situation, the practices related to career management are found to be productive but the technical talent has never been sufficient. The commissions suggested going through the changes in the base of the whole process to solve these problems.

The Allard commission specifically called for a change in the management from high to low so that a strong leadership is created for the NSS. It is now evident that the NSS should have an exclusive management for its various operations which can be used to improve and undertake the different measures to improve cost effectiveness and operational ability. NSS clearly needs some new vistas in the 21st century under the sole aim of an integrated security system of the space which can be equally used by both the soldiers and the intelligence people.

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