Google Maps To Finally Get The AR Navigation, As Per The Reports

Google Maps To Finally Get The AR Navigation, As Per The Reports

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Last year, the tech-giant Google had showcased a navigation system which was innovative in many aspects as it used the camera in a smartphone to provide the AR-based GPS guidance. When the glimpse of the same was shared by the company, the demo looked quite promising and it created a buzz all over the world but it was also obvious that launching this feature would take some more amount of time and that it won’t be available any soon, not even for testing purposes.

But as per the recent reports, the company has now started to let some of the local guides that have access to the preview version of the Maps, use this particular feature, which is quite surprising.

Almost all of us have experienced walking in the wrong direction because of the compass as it has its own limitations. But now it seems that these days of such struggles are going to finally get over with this augmented reality enabled guidance on the Google Maps.

The version that is being tested by some people is not final at this point of time, but it sure has given a glimpse of what we can expect from the same. This new version will let people access the special AR mode through a button and they would be able to access it just by lifting their phone as well. The phone would be needed to be moved around so the app can recognize the landmarks in order to compare them with the location as well as the compass data. A traditional map would also be shown at the bottom of the screen so as to give a complete view of the path towards the destination. However, the users would not need to sue this mode for the entire period of navigation as it will drain the battery fast.