US' Huawei Battle Is Keeping The World Away From 5G Technology

US’ Huawei Battle Is Keeping The World Away From 5G Technology

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The strong offensive of United States against Chinese telecom equipment manufacturing firm Huawei by urging its allies to stop using its equipment is causing problems for mobile operators in these countries as they transition from current 4 G networks to next generation 5G technology. The US government and its officials have told its partners that they should not use Huawei equipment while upgrading their networks to 5G as it could be used for spying and hacking by Chinese government at a later time. But these charges have been strongly denied by Huawei which stated that their 5G technology related equipment is far ahead of other telecom players in the market and it would take a few years for other wireless players to reach that level.

Telecom infrastructure expert Stephane Teral stated that by banning Huawei from the market has led to a vacuum which will be tough for fill within a short period of time and could lead to shortfalls in deployment of 5G networks worldwide. This uncertainty about usage of Huawei equipment is particularly felt in Europe where the firm was expected to play a major role in building latest broadband networks that is important for its business community.

Though United States doesn’t have powerful enough global level telecom equipment manufacturers that can match up to the prowess of Huawei it is determined to keep it away from American shores. The only rivals are Ericsson and Nokia which have struggled with losses while Huawei has strived ahead with annual revenues of more than $100 billion by building a strong base in China. Several mobile operators are dissatisfied with the decision of USA and state that this policy would undermine the capabilities of western nations as the new networks can increase internet speeds by more than 100 times as compared to current 4G networks.