Nintendo To Roll Out Switch VR Headset In 2019

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Poor Nintendo will possibly never be free of Switch VR rumor until it declares its personal headset. The newest speculations recommend that could be in 2019. The media mentions various sources saying that Nintendo will declare the kit by this year. The report also states that a small amount of first-party games will receive VR support. The media claims that the headset will be a fraction of Nintendo’s Labo series of cardboard-supported peripherals.

Labo was declared in 2018. It is a child-friendly device that motivates you to develop makeshift controllers for particualr games. That may indicate that the speculated headset is not made of Cardboard itself but does use these peripherals for enhanced control. In addition to this, there are earlier stories that support the speculations. In late 2016 the media reported that the firm had filed a copyright for a headset. Consumers plug the Switch console into the device much similar to a handset. The 2018 data miners also discovered what seemed to be a console “VR Mode.”

On a related note, requirement for the Nintendo Switch did not cool down an inch last year. The NPD Group has posted its sales info for 2018, and the Switch was the best-selling device in the US both in terms of raw unit count and dollars, overtaking an earlier record set in 2015 by the PS4. Things were even hot in December. The Switch had the top unit sales of any device since 2010 for that month, and the best dollar sales since December 2009’s Wii mania.

It was not the dominator in the software sector. As expected, Red Dead Redemption 2 was the top-selling game of last year, followed by NBA 2K19 and Black Ops 4. Not that Nintendo is upset about this. Super Smash Bros Ultimate was the 5th-trendy game of 2018, buoyed by a solid December where it topped the charts.