Urine Analysis At Home Made Possible By Israeli Startup


Kidney disease today is major health concern that is plaguing the world in general including United States which is driven largely by the growing incidence of obesity in people across all ages. According to United States’ National Kidney Foundation around 30 million citizens suffer from chronic kidney ailments largely due to issues like diabetes and hypertension that affects 1 in 9 adults. Around 510,000 kidney patients among these are now on regular dialysis while more than 100,000 are on the kidney transplant list. Chief Medical Officer of National Kidney Foundation says that cost of providing medical assistance to these sick people is staggering.

Medicare is spending around $114 billion every year to keep people with chronic kidney disease alive and healthy which does not include the amounts paid out by private medical insurance firms. To combat this problem and enable early detection of kidney disease a health startup “Healthy.io” has created a urinalysis test that can be carried out at home with the help of a smartphone app to check if for presence of proteins in the urine which is a sign that the organ is damaged. Kidney disease and its complications can be slowed down if it is detected early.

The Israeli based firm Healthy.io’s test has been approved by FDA which uses disposable strips and cups along with a smartphone camera to analyze and interpret results. Patients can dip a disposable strip in their urine sample and wait for it develop after which they can take a picture of it on their cell phone against a card using the firm’s app. This image is then put on their cloud with a unique number for detailed diagnostic tests. The test was accessed by Geisinger Health and was found to have 71 percent adherence rate within patients that had hypertension but were unaware as they had never taken these tests before.