Infosys Seems To Appointing More People With Design Skills And Liberal Arts

Infosys Seems To Appointing More People With Design Skills And Liberal Arts

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Infosys aims to appoint a few thousand individuals with non-engineering and arts degrees to operate on new digital equipments, which are more than just offering tech services.

Technology firms such as Infosys are experiencing a rising increasing number of digital deals where the solutions are normally made with customers, unlike the conventional agreements where the specifications were created by the outsourced and clients. In these new contracts, user experience is necessary to solve the business issues of customers and the skills required for this comes from arts.

 “People who are creative thinkers, with liberal arts, aim to put themselves in the shoes of the users and aim to think extra ordinary,” claimed a spokesperson at Infosys. “That is what the sector in looking for.” The hiring plan by Infosys highlights a modification in the manner how Indian IT firms have developed their business: appointing thousands of people to maintain infrastructure and write computer codes for their clients.

On a related note, Infosys has been one of the largest recruiter of IT experts in the middle of the big behemoths such as Wipro, TCS (Tata Consultancy Services), Tech Mahindra, and HCL Technologies. To what it appears like a good news for employees at Infosys, the IT mammoth is aiming to upskill its workers in an effort to double their salaries and lower attrition rate.

As per a media report, Infosys is doubling the wages of workers who productively completed its new bridge programs. The well-structured bridge programs allow workers to design new skillset without resigning from the job. As per Infosys, the workers who go for these upskilling programs have seen their wages elevate by 80–120%, the media reported, including almost 400 individuals have been skilled below these programs till now.

“We aim on making an internal flexible market place for our talent to develop, rather than them leaving us,” claimed head of human resources at Infosys, Krish Shankar, to the media in an interview.