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2 Billion Dollars Lost In 2012 => 2008 All Over Again

After the financial crisis of 2008, it’s become imperative and in the best interest of the country to put in place regulations to oversee the activities of Wall Street financial operations. Why is it important to regulate Wall Street financial operations? The reason is very simple, to protect the national and the world economy, to protect the taxpayers from rescue the financial institutions on Wall Street again, to protect jobs in this country, and to protect the middle class retirement funds from the gamblers on Wall Street. To use an analogy, we know when the United States of America sneeze the rest of the world has pneumonia. Since 2008 we have a constant up and down in the financial system that affects the national and the world economy. The Euro Zone have become a nightmare to economic recovery, many European Countries are on the brink of collapse. Here at home unemployment rate went sky-high. People around the country are loosing their home because they can’t find a job to resolve their financial affairs. For the first time in history the United States of America credit rating has been down grade because of irresponsible actions of the radical ideologists of conservative republican combined with the TEA PARTY fanatics on behalf of special interest groups and the lobbyists. The elected politicians inWashingtoncan’t get their act together to resolve the country’s problems. Radical and ideological social agenda will not solve any problems our country is experiencing today but good and rational debates can get us out of these mess created by many previous administrations in Washington. The only thing we will get out of radical social ideology is a divided society that unable to resolve our complex national problems. As a nation and leader of the free world, we can’t afford such a barbarian and primitive behavior in our political process. Dodd-Frank Financial Reform is a great starting point to keep Wall Street on its track.

 As we navigated through these issues that matter the most for the Americans voters for the incoming 2012 election, we have to warn every voters during the political process. Both sides of the political spectrum they will be spending large sum of money in negative advertising to convince you the voters that they have the solutions for our national problems. Be very careful because messages in those political ads are psychologically crafted by experts who understand your frustration and you anger and they specially design to deceive voters like you and I and force us to vote against our  own personal interest. We have seen that happened in 2010 mid-term election. Those political ads carried toxic substances that could contaminate our thinking process and they are misleading the facts and the real story behind the issues. Here is a list of issues to remember for the 2012 election and we have to memorize these issues and they will be our weapons to win our battle against special interest groups and lobbyists nation wide:

(1) Free trade that exported our jobs overseas,

(2) Health care costs,

(3) Education under attack from radical conservative republican in many states,

(4) Job creation – tax cut does not create jobs and that is the truth,

(5) Tax the wealthy to help paying down national debts,

(6) We need a massive national infrastructure project to replace and repair highway systems, airports, seaports, railroads, subway systems, the electric grids, and make internet services available to all Americans including people in rural areas, and

(7) Tell Congress to stop playing politics with Dodd-Frank Financial Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Finally, one very important thing to remember, when the political negative ads start popping up on your television screen, turn away and think about what are the most important issues you care about that affect your every day life and what really have to be done to solve the country problems.

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Compromise is NOT a Dirty Word

Everything we humanly do can be classified as a transaction or negotiation. In other words, it does not have to be an economic activity or an exchange of money for an item to have a transaction or negotiation for what we want. Transactions are happening every second of our lives; with family members, with friends or total strangers, neighbors, and every other aspect of our social lives but mostly in the political and diplomatic world we have some form of transaction or negotiation. As a matter of fact, the world is depending on negotiations to conduct every day business and international affairs. In every one of those transactions or negotiation, each party wants something different. Even though they are looking for something different from each other, it’s not always easy to compromise to complete the negotiation. Why? Because we believe we should always have exactly what we want in the transaction in exchange for what we are willing to give up. But few important things we have failed to understand that human beings may have similarity but it’s unlikely to be identical in taste as well as desire for things we value in our lives.

 Let us work on some examples to illustrate our points here. In a family situation, the kids wanted to go the mall to hang out with their friends on Saturday afternoon. They asked their parents and the parents decided to let the children go to the mall but they have to meet certain conditions. They have to be home no later than 9:00 PM and they can’t be late. The kids agreed with the terms and the parents granted permission for them to go to the mall and be with their friends on that Saturday afternoon. In this example, there has been a negotiation and an exchange between the parents and the kids: “I give you permission to go to the mall to be with your friends, if you are willing to be back home exactly at 9:00 PM.” In that case, if the kids accepted the term in that negotiation, the transaction is pending until the children get back home at 9:00 PM as they agreed to. The kids were home that night at 8:57 PM. That concludes that transaction and both parties got what they want out that transaction and all of them shake hands and are happy.

 Negotiations or transactions between friends or total strangers are more formal than between parents and children. In that example above, it was simple and personal because the parents have more control on the outcome of that negotiation. What could happen when you have to deal with friends or someone you don’t know? As you negotiate in a situation you are concerned about your personal interest. You are looking to at least obtain something of equal value or more of what you are about to give up. Here are two examples we can use to illustrate this concept: one of the negotiators would say “I will trade you my baseball card collection for your golf bag.” A more formal transaction goes like this: “I will trade you my BMW 7-series plus $85,000 in exchange for your Roll-Royce Ghost.” These are all forms of transactions and negotiations that are happening every day between family, friends, total strangers, and they are not different from government bodies to use those form of negotiations to solve national problems.

 Those examples above are very basic fundamentals in any negotiation or transaction between two parties. Can those basic principles be used in our national debates to solve the fundamental problems our country is facing? We have one major problem with elected members of the United States Congress: they can change a simple issue and make it so complex, it becomes impossible to solve. Radical ideology is the driving force for members of the United States Congress. They lost the main purpose why the voters elected them in office. They completely forgot what they promised during their campaign and ignore the problems the country has to be resolved. They are more concerned about the next election and they spend more time in raising money than concentrating on solving national problems on behalf of the voters. Some of these elected officials are not fit to be members of the governing bodies in our national government. Some of them are uneducated, ignorant of the basic functions of governing, and lack of problem solving skills. We need people who understand the real issues involve in our government, people who can analyze and access the reality, and not scared of making rational decisions in the best interest of the country instead of people who think about their job at the expense of our country. Real patriots are visionaries who do not care about who paid for their election but care very dearly about their country’s future and the generations to come.

 The United States Congress is becoming a real dysfunctional institution. During the pass three years we experienced many acts to prove how defective the United States Congress became. During the 2010 mid-term election, the voters elected a group of representatives who are lacking in governing skills, they’re angry, hate the head of the executive branch of our government, and they worked in harmony to restrict progress and that make it difficult to work on real national problems to come up with real solutions that may benefit the country. We have seen those unproductive acts during the health care debate, the debts ceiling debate that downgraded the national credit rating, and many legislations that were suppose to create jobs nationwide have blocked without a fair up or down vote. These careless actions are the evidence to prove that our government has been broken. Our ideas may be different but if we make the effort to meet half way then some solutions could be beneficial for the country.

Discredit one member of the governing body maybe a great way to score political points but honestly it’s not the best way to govern a country like the United State of America. Like good patriotic citizens, we must be willing to accept political defeats for the benefits of this country because the future of this country is depending on the current actions and decisions of our elected officials. Remember, if the pass administrations acted the way the current US Congress has, we may not have the freedom we all enjoyed as American citizens and the pride to be a United States citizen. Forget about your ideology, just work together for the best interest of the United States of America. It’s not an easy job to compromise on your political ideology and principles but as a real patriot you must work with your opponents for the benefit of the future of our country and your constituents.


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