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Commingle Not Allowed For A Corporation and Its Owners

Let us talk about the highest court of the land decision about the Hobby Lobby Case and make a comparison to other religious believes around the globe. We would like to keep the conversation focus only on women issues because that what it’s all about. The far right Middle Eastern religions force women to wear outfits that are not naturally fit for the weather in that part of the world and that is happening in the name of religious practices. Here in the United States a woman has been kick out of her congregation because she claimed equal treatments between men and women in her religious faith. More serious issue is a family decided to go in the general public to operate a business for profit with expectation that employees, government, and customers to be abide by their religious faith and the highest court of the land says yes that family can refuse to obey the laws of the land in the name of their religious faith.Is there any difference in those cases?

The question here is what about the right of the majority who do not share the Green Family faith? The corporate laws in the United States give a corporation the status of an artificial person for the purpose of conducting business with or without profit motivation. Next thing we would like to know base on Supreme Court decision is the corporation as an artificial person has a soul?

One thing we have to understand that Hobby Lobby is not a private club because the corporation as an artificial person has the benefits of limited liabilities giving to the corporation by the government on behalf of the general public in return the company is agreed to abide by the laws of the land without the interference of the shareholders.

Women's Health CareNow since the Greens commingle their faith with their business operations should the Internal Revenue Service denied Hobby Lobby corporate status for tax purpose? Or should the government take away the benefits of limited liability from Hobby Lobby? What is so difficult to understand by those five on the bench of our highest court? Remember that word as you re-read this post “Commingle”.

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Real Democratic Process

Whatever happened with real democratic process in American government? Should we (the voters) do our own chirurgical procedure to get the new generation of politicians out of people house and senate and replace them with new young politicians with fresh ideas to solve the country problems? This is an Just opening for comments and feedback.

Now What is Next?

 Hey Voters! We made it to the finish line. The president re-elected, so far we have 51 members in the senate and 2 independents that could vote with the Democrats and we have work to do to change the direction where the country is headed.

Now it’s time for Democrats to show the other side how to govern this country for the greater good of our nation. One very important thing we have learned from this election is great strategy can knockout big money and stupid radical ideologies. Now Democrats start the process to get McConnell, John B, Eric Canter, and the T-pot crow plus big money out of our national political system.

If that happen, we will see once again that America as the land of opportunity for all; a country of innovation and regard for facts, respect for scientific discoveries; and a drive for reality instead of fictional ideologies that divided us as a nation. One more thing: realize that immigrant is what made this country great and unique in the eyes of other nations around the globe.

Finally, we need to start a national campaign to stop states republican governors and state republican legislatures from advancing radical ideas like voter suppression before the next presidential election; worker rights, women rights to choose, and other social issues that affect us all as citizen. Specially, Floridian voters be prepare to through Governor Rick Scott out of the governor mansion.  

Leadership Requires Excellent Diplomacy

Let us start a real democratic debabte about the direction the United States of America should take to keep its leadership position of the free world. All ideas and views are welcome for debate but radicalism has no place in a free democracy. We must always strive for positive ideas to move our country and our leadership position forward. The primitive thinking is the wrong way to advance our ideas and national goals and interest around the world. We must also concern about our domestic policies. To have a strong position in the world, we must also be strong at home.

2 Billion Dollars Lost In 2012 => 2008 All Over Again

After the financial crisis of 2008, it’s become imperative and in the best interest of the country to put in place regulations to oversee the activities of Wall Street financial operations. Why is it important to regulate Wall Street financial operations? The reason is very simple, to protect the national and the world economy, to protect the taxpayers from rescue the financial institutions on Wall Street again, to protect jobs in this country, and to protect the middle class retirement funds from the gamblers on Wall Street. To use an analogy, we know when the United States of America sneeze the rest of the world has pneumonia. Since 2008 we have a constant up and down in the financial system that affects the national and the world economy. The Euro Zone have become a nightmare to economic recovery, many European Countries are on the brink of collapse. Here at home unemployment rate went sky-high. People around the country are loosing their home because they can’t find a job to resolve their financial affairs. For the first time in history the United States of America credit rating has been down grade because of irresponsible actions of the radical ideologists of conservative republican combined with the TEA PARTY fanatics on behalf of special interest groups and the lobbyists. The elected politicians inWashingtoncan’t get their act together to resolve the country’s problems. Radical and ideological social agenda will not solve any problems our country is experiencing today but good and rational debates can get us out of these mess created by many previous administrations in Washington. The only thing we will get out of radical social ideology is a divided society that unable to resolve our complex national problems. As a nation and leader of the free world, we can’t afford such a barbarian and primitive behavior in our political process. Dodd-Frank Financial Reform is a great starting point to keep Wall Street on its track.

 As we navigated through these issues that matter the most for the Americans voters for the incoming 2012 election, we have to warn every voters during the political process. Both sides of the political spectrum they will be spending large sum of money in negative advertising to convince you the voters that they have the solutions for our national problems. Be very careful because messages in those political ads are psychologically crafted by experts who understand your frustration and you anger and they specially design to deceive voters like you and I and force us to vote against our  own personal interest. We have seen that happened in 2010 mid-term election. Those political ads carried toxic substances that could contaminate our thinking process and they are misleading the facts and the real story behind the issues. Here is a list of issues to remember for the 2012 election and we have to memorize these issues and they will be our weapons to win our battle against special interest groups and lobbyists nation wide:

(1) Free trade that exported our jobs overseas,

(2) Health care costs,

(3) Education under attack from radical conservative republican in many states,

(4) Job creation – tax cut does not create jobs and that is the truth,

(5) Tax the wealthy to help paying down national debts,

(6) We need a massive national infrastructure project to replace and repair highway systems, airports, seaports, railroads, subway systems, the electric grids, and make internet services available to all Americans including people in rural areas, and

(7) Tell Congress to stop playing politics with Dodd-Frank Financial Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Finally, one very important thing to remember, when the political negative ads start popping up on your television screen, turn away and think about what are the most important issues you care about that affect your every day life and what really have to be done to solve the country problems.

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Government is Bad – Really?

Official White House portrait of William Howar...

Official White House portrait of William Howard Taft (1911) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”  ~Winston Churchill

“We are imperfect.  We cannot expect perfect government.”  ~William Howard Taft

“Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys.”  ~P.J. O’Rourke

“Many forms of Government have been tried, and will be tried in this world of sin and woe.  No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise.  Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of Government except all those others that have been tried from time to time.”  ~Winston Churchill

“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb deciding what to have for dinner.  Liberty is a well-armed lamb.”  ~Author unknown, commonly misattributed to Benjamin Franklin  (Thanks, Art)

“If you want to understand your government, don’t begin by reading the Constitution.  (It conveys precious little of the flavor of today’s statecraft.)  Instead, read selected portions of the Washington telephone directory containing listings for all the organizations with titles beginning with the word National.”  ~George Will

“People come to Washington believing it’s the center of power.  I know I did.  It was only much later that I learned that Washington is a steering wheel that’s not connected to the engine.” ~Richard Goodwin

These quotes are saying something important about government functions in our society but we let you be the judge.

Government Function in Our Society

We don't need the government when our business is booming but soon things are not working we are crying for help.


Toronto: Winston Churchill statue at City Hall...


Keep Religious Faith out of Politics – Part I

If you call yourself a Christian, you must be a follower of Jesus-Christ. According to many biblical passages, when Jesus was on our planet, many materialistic men thought he was going to establish an earthly kingdom and those men thought they will be part of that ruling class. But Jesus was here on earth for a specific mission which was to save the human race from sin. Jesus wasn’t involved in politics nor did he impose his will on his followers. Another word, it was plain and simple, “separation of religions and states.” Our founding fathers drafted our Constitution based on that basic principle of biblical passages which we should be enjoying in our political system today.

Whatever happened today in our political system where the founding fathers stated in our Constitution the “separation of church and state?” Why all of a sudden religion became the dominant topic for our political discussions? Why do we ignore all the issues that really affect our national affairs and our positions in the world of education, economic, international affairs, military, etc.? Are we losing track of who we are as a nation? Ladies and gentlemen, the world is waiting for leadership guidance. It’s time to make the turn to the right path before it’s too late.

If you are a real evangelical Christian, you are a follower of Jesus-Christ. That means you are not a radical political fanatic of the insane political rhetoric that promote racism, anti-healthcare, anti-freedom of choice of people who have different ideas like yourself, concern about the rights the Constitution made available to you while your ignore the others rights, anti-poor to the point you promote legislations to crush those who oppose your views, and you will never defend the Roman Empire which is idolatry worship of the Catholic church. A real Christian does what Jesus did while he was on earth and we find those examples in the book of the Bible as a reference to guide us to do the right things for mankind and to be exemplified ourselves as Christians:

  • Matthew 4:19
  • I Peter 2:21
  • Hebrew 12:14 & 15
  • I Timothy 6:11
  • I Thessalonians 5:15 – 18
  • I Corinthians 14:1

 Take the time to read those passages from your Bible then you will find out why you should keep religion out of politics. History tells us it is very dangerous to mix politics and religions. In Europe, for example, in the past, they raged war among different religious groups; in Middle-East, they produced radical clerics who made women second class citizens in their society; in southern states in the United States of America, they promote racism and ethnic divisions; in red states in America, they promoted hate, ignorance of other citizens rights guaranteed by our constitution; and in today’s political process, they elevate political rhetoric that are sending shock waves warning in our political process. Our politicians feed their egos on those unfriendly atmospheres. It’s about time for us to take control of our emotions, our faith, and our religious beliefs to keep it in the place where it belongs which is always in the church and out of politics. The United States Constitution makes it clear and simple we must keep “separation of church and state.” We are a democratic society and we must conduct our national business democratically which mean the national issues must be what we discuss in the political process, and religious issues and faith issues should not be part of our political discussion. That will be best for the country and its citizens to find workable solutions to our national problems.

 This is part one of many series to come about religious beliefs and politics. As a democratic society, we have to conduct our national business as a civilized and responsible society and be an example for the rest of the world because the entire planet is looking upon us for guidance. We are not permitted to advance our own constitutional rights while we are taking away others’ constitutional rights, liberty, rights to choice as they please, and the pursuit of happiness that they are entitled too.

Reason for “separation of religion and state” in America

God in his mighty power allowed mankind to choose as they please and at the same time he let us know the consequences of the choices we make in our lives. God never in any way impose his will on us and that’s the only reason he sent his only Son in the world to die to save mankind. As human beings, God allowed us to be free to choose to do right or wrong and he also let us knows in advance the results and consequences of choices we make while we are on earth. No where in the Bible God impose his will on human. God is “pro-choice”, so why not you, as his follower, let others choose what they want to do with their personal lives. We can’t afford to be in the 21st Century as a Barbarian Nation by imposing our will on others by legislating our citizen’s personal lives. The world is modernized with new technological ideas; “Personhood Legislation” is not one of those new fresh ideas. John 8:7.

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Reflexion of the Day – February 14, 2012

Radical ideological negative political statements are perfect recipes to build craters and develop erosion in our national social fabric. But understanding the real problems our nation is facing is a great starting point to find real solutions to improve the lives of all our citizens. “Us against them” never work and will never find real solutions that will serve the most members of our society. Working together like a team on the field of our every day lives always finds proper solutions for the common good. Remember Republicans, Democrats, conservatives, liberals, and progressives we are all Americans and we will always be Americans. Honestly, working together it’s a must do with no questions ask.

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War on Religions – Are you kidding me?

Be very carefull who you are defending

If you are listening to the news lately, the only subject on the news schedule is “Obama’s War on Religions.” After learning how to lie, steal, cheat, what makes a perfect radical ideological conservative republican? We understand that politics is one of the most unfriendly discipline mankind have ever known. If we are looking for a perfect meaning for “political rhetoric,” we believe it will be fair to say character assassination is the best meaning to assign to that discipline.

 To gain momentum with voters, politicians’ best choice is to make the opponent look bad to the electorates. To accomplish that goal they will make fantasy illustrations, even personal attacks on the opponent personality just to gain sympathy from the voters. Misinformed voters are the easy target for the insane rhetoric which we call “red meat.”

It's Started with him

The issue that brings us to these insane campaign slogans lately has nothing to do with religions and war on religions. Any rational voter will understand that the key issues here are labors’ rights and benefits. As civilize society, we are governed by laws and orders to interact with each other. Our laws must be observed and respected by individuals as well as any institutions that operate within our social fabric. The wording in the rule published by the Department of Health and Human Services may need some reclassification to make it acceptable and understandable by the general public and if you are looking at that rule, it never asked the Catholic Church to go against its teaching.

Politics is a dirty discipline in which if human do not adopted politics first, we believe pigs could be the first to practice politics because today’s political rhetoric look like a mud fight as we know it. Sometimes we wonder if the politicians really believe in the statements they made in public. For example: “Obama’s War on Religions, “Obama did not create the recession but he makes it waste” “If I am elected President I will repeal Dodd-Frank Financial Regulation,” “If I am elected President, I will overturn Roe v Wade”. These statements are bunch of lies. The President of theUnited Statescannot repeal laws without Congress of theUnited States. But majority of misinformed voters will believe them because the politicians tell them what they want to hear.

We cannot solve the country’s problems with those lies. We need a President who knows, feels, and understand what are the problems the average citizen face in their every day lives. Social issues like abortion, same sex marriage, religions (our constitution already made provision for that), and so on are not going to solve our debt crisis, unemployment, poverty, and education. We need to inform ourselves to find out what are the real issues to change the country. Stop watching Fox News and find a better way to be informed about real issues that affect us all as one nation regardless of the political party we decide to associate ourselves with. Remember we are one nation.

Capitalism or “They’re Just Vultures” Capitalists?

They are buying the world commodities including state banks

The conservative republicans finally realized that something is not right in our system of capitalism. For the benefit of our national economy, fair dealing in the market place must be restored. The question is simple and legitimate to ask. Is there good and bad capitalism practice in our business community in America? Mitt Romney thinks we should only talk about the issue behind close doors. What benefit the issue has for our society if it has to be kept secret? An issue like “Vulture Capitalism” is a current national debate that most Americans are well aware of the impact it has on working families.

The Wealth of Nation by Adam Smith - Father of Capitalism

Adam Smith, the man who we consider to be the father of free enterprise system will never approve “Vulture Capitalism”. In his publication dated 1776 “Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations,” he describes the system as a benefit to society. The Wealth of Nations is the bible of the Western Civilization for economic philosophy. Adam Smith believed, the effects of economic self-interest, the individual neither intends to promote the public interest nor knows the cost of promoting it because the intent is only his own personal gain guided by what we call the invisible-hand. The theory is by pursuing his self-interest. He frequently promotes that of society more effectively than he intended to. Adam Smith described how crucial commodities and the division of labor are in economic growth.

Today we have a different version of real capitalism that Adam Smith visualized centuries ago. The true theory of capitalism was intended to improve the economic activities, the nations would be able to create wealth, division of labor and commodities should always be a critical part in creating wealth. Competition is essential in our economic system but declaring war against competitors and the division of labor is wrong. Real capitalism is like a philharmonic orchestra that includes several pieces of instruments to play a melody that can be appreciated by all listeners in the audience.

Bain Capital and Associates

These days we have seen a new species operatives in our society who believes to protect the idea of capitalism is to allow the operatives on Wall Street to destroy our national economy for their own personal gain while they are not adding any value for the benefit of society. According to the ideology of the new species, they believe corporations should not be paying taxes, they should be allowed to use the commodities and labor force for free, and we should not talk about any unfair practices in public. We are a democratic society and we believe everything should be open for public debate including economic policies and politics. Corporations use public properties to advance their self-interest or their profit motivation such as public roads, airports, seaports, railroad systems, and the military system. Also they use our educated workers paid for with public funds are all supported by our system of government and there are huge costs to those things. Therefore, they should also be contributors to advance the interest of the general public in taxes, protect the environment, protect our natural resources, should not be allowed to take away labor’s rights to collectively bargain for their self-interest like the entrepreneurs do, and include staying out of the government decision making.

Vulture Capitalism refers to greed and disregards the interest of the general

Let Talk About This Behind Close Doors

public. The philosophy of Capitalism never intended for such practice of eliminated existing wealth for personal gains. The theory is for individuals to pursue their own personal gains by creating wealth and at the same time they are promoting the interest of the general public which they are not really intended to do. It has never included destroying other companies for profit, fire people from their jobs to enrich themselves, and disregard for national economic impact in business decision they have made behind close doors. Today, we have a world economy where nations are inter-connected with each other, any negative or positive decisions we have made in our national economy, it will affect the rest of world economy. Our economy is no longer a local system; it’s an international system that will be affected by any simple action taking by any of the immediate members in the business community.

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Domesticate a Tiger Will NOT Change Its Natural DNA

A tiger is a tiger no matter how we chose to raise the animal. Its DNA coding can not be altered, changed, or reprogrammed. This is a basic fundamental principle of nature. A tiger’s gene is programmed to be self-sufficient in its natural habitat such as to hunt to survive, live in open fields with other animals in the environment, and that is the life a tiger is created to live until it dies. We may capture a tiger, put it on display in our animal zoo for rational human beings to see, study its behavior, and learn something about the animal but we have to be very careful because the instinct of a tiger can be kicked in any time; meaning the animal could be very friendly one moment and the next minute becomes very dangerous to the human. Politicians like Mitt Romney have similarities in this regard. He will never forget what he does best which is destroy companies, firing people from their jobs after he bankrupts the companies and makes million of dollars for himself and his company. Even with all the knowledge in the world, we can’t change a tiger’s natural behavior and we can’t change the behavior of a politician like Mitt Romney. Even with all of his millions he will still love to destroy companies and layoff people, just because that what built into his political and business DNA.

What about the new species of politicians we have in the field these days? Can

New Species of Republicans

they be reprogrammed, changed, altered, or even turned into human beings? If you want to try that, we are wishing you the best of luck and we think you are going to need great luck to change a politician. Bear in mind, they are not user-friendly these days. During this current electoral campaign, we heard many of the conservative rhetoric and we wonder what are these people thinking when they came out with those silly ideologies. People with average intelligence wonder if these folks believe that we are stupid about the real issues that we care about.

Mitt Mad Like a Tiger

Mitt Romney is a classic example among the group of the new species of the radical conservative republican. In several of his robotic speeches he said: “President Obama does not understand how the economy works. You have to elect a President who knows how the economy works.” Now, wait a minute, what makes him an expert in the national economy? Romney’s experience is to go out there find a company in financial trouble, buy the company, bankrupt the company, fire the workers, and sell the company for a healthy profit. If we call that practical economic experience, we must review our concept of national economy. This is an act of mercenary and that’s exactly what it is and that is far from qualifying Romney as an expert in economy. Having the population working is the key for economic stimulus but the other way around in Mitt Romney’s own words “I love fired people who provide service to me.”

Here is another laughable statement he made many times: “if you elect me as your President, I will repeal Obama Care.” Mitt, the executive branch in our government has no Constitutional power to make or repeal laws in the United States of America. In regard to repealing or making laws in the United States of America, the President has the power to VETO any law enacted by congress and there is nothing else the President can do about making or repealing laws in the United States of America. What if you’re elected President with a majority Democrat Senate and House of Representatives? How are you going to deal with that lie? Being the President of a country like the United States of America requires someone with character and determination to tell the truth even when things are not the way people expected them to be. Mitt, you do not have those qualities. You adjust your views according to the situation you are facing and you change positions like a clock that change the time every second.

Deregulation & Tax Cut

What to expect if Mitt Romney becomes the next President of the United States of America? Tax cuts will be the number one item on his agenda because Mitt and his rich friends will profit from that policy followed by deregulation of the financial sector which we have known to be the cause of the financial meltdown in 2008. Massive layoffs in government and in the private sector like we saw it during the end of George W. Bush’s administration and the effect has a very long impact on the rebound of our national economy including the international financial crisis. The states with republican governors and republican majority in the states legislative bodies will pass “right to work laws”, and not one of those conservative decisions will help solve unemployment and the national debts problems we are facing in this country.

Expect more crazy and irrational social legislations around the country to ban abortion, defunding family planning, eliminate union rights, more restriction to vote as citizen of the United States around the country, a constitutional amendment to define personhood, legislations to eliminate social security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, and many other unwanted legislations while they ignore the real multiple problems the country has to deal with. Mitt Romney and his conservative bodies will pass legislations to allow companies to ship American’s jobs overseas because they will have tax breaks for doing so. We have nothing against the conservative republican but the way they want to run this country is too radical, ideological, and inhuman for majority of Americans. If the register voters allows this to happen, these crazy politicians will bring the country down with them. We can not and will not allow that to happen.

What else we should expect if either one of those crazy conservative

More Deregulation To Destroy the Environment

candidates ends up in the Oval Office with a majority radical conservative republican Congress? According to Rick Perry, we will invade Iraq again to start a new war that will cost American human lives and millions of dollars we don’t even have. Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Perry all pledge to bomb Iran. That will be another war to expect from the republicans. Picture the United States of Americain your mind after 4-years either one of irrational Looney occupy the office of the Presidency. Voters, our future and the future of our children and grandchildren is at stake, if we don’t take action we have a lot to loose. As we have experienced this before, there will be negative political ads all over to convince us to vote against our own interest like we did in 2010 Mid-term election. We have to resist the temptation of falling into the crack. This time we have to prove that we will be the one in the cockpit to land the plane safely. We pledge to elect candidates who represent us in Washington and in the state governments.

All the candidates are against any tax increase to reduce the national debt and for tax cuts for the so call “job creators” and they claim that tax cuts and deregulation will solve unemployment and improve the economy. We have been down that road before and the result was the meltdown of the financial crisis, record high unemployment, and slow growth in our national economy. We understand that policy does not work at all. We wonder why it’s so hard for the radical conservative republicans refuse to admit that their policies are not working for the majority of Americans. Basic principle for us as private citizens, when we are berry in debt, we take a second job to increase our revenues, and try to reduce our expenditures. In short, conservative folks, tax cuts and deregulation do not create jobs nor stimulate the economy.

The facts are available for us to compare, Bill Clinton’s Administration v. George W. Bush’s Administration. The radical ideological conservative will ignore the facts between those two administrations but we know that under Clinton’s administration the tax rate was higher, he balanced the budget before he left office, the treasury recorded a budget surplus, the unemployment rate was low, and he created million of jobs during his administration. George W. Bush came to office; he gave huge tax cuts to his millionaire buddies and deregulated the financial sector and the result was the meltdown of the financial market, massive unemployment, and the largest economic downturn since the Great Depression. Compare those two administrations’ policies we and can fairly conclude which one worked and the one that is not working.

 According to right-wing conservative republican rhetoric if they can legally eliminate most of these useful social programs in America, the country will solve all of our national problems. Here is a list of those social programs they want to eliminate:

  • Social Security
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Food Stamps Program (provide foods to the poor)
  • Health Care for all American
  • Labor rights
  • Right of women to choose
  • Family Planning
  • Privacy Rights
  • Gay and lesbian rights
  • deregulation
  • Right to vote as an American citizen

They claim that if they can pass legislations to ban these social programs, the

Fat Cats Theory

country will have full employment, the national debt will be magically paid-off, giving huge tax cuts to the richest American, and deregulate businesses will be a perfect recipe for full economic recovery for the country. If we let that happen, this is a perfect recipe for disaster. Poverty will spread all over the country; the country will have two classes of citizen, the super rich and the poor; and the below poverty groups will be like it is in many third world countries around the world. This is not an imaginary assessment, instead this reality of where we are headed because of the decisions those crazy nuts have made in the past and in our present time.

Writing this article does not mean we are anti-free enterprise system, anti-capitalism, or against the Laissez-Faire theory but in a rational sense we see the country and the world as an inter-connect that moving parts are in harmony if we can just leave aside the ideological behavior out of the common sense decision-making process to work in a single unit to solve problems and make this country a better place to live, raise our children, and leave a better future for the generations that will be replacing us. Previous generations did that for us in building highway systems, railroads, airports, seaports, the sewer system, the electric grid, social security, and Medicare. So why is our generation of politicians so selfish and not willing to leave a legacy that will be useful to our future generations to come.


A Tiger is A Tiger So Is Mitt

A tiger is a tiger no matter how it’s being raised, domestic or grown up in the wild. The animal will always have its natural gene. Mitt Romney or any of the other candidates don’t have an idea how the rest of us live our lives because they have never experienced the financial pains we have to endure. Some of us are living paycheck to paycheck in a constant difficulty to pay the bills, we can’t find a job to take care of our family obligations, if we are sick we can’t go to see a doctor because no medical doctor will see us unless we have health insurance or the cash to pay for the service. Romney will always say “I will repeal Obama Care” just because he can afford it for himself and his family and if we can’t that will be too bad. A tiger is a tiger; the conservative republicans want to eliminate the safety net that generations of Americans enjoyed for over 50-years because they have financial resources to take care of themselves in their old age. It’s not a problem if the rest of the Americans die in poverty because life goes on. A tiger is tiger and so are the right-wing radical conservative republicans. Their political DNA coding cannot and will never change because there is no override for their gene programming.

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