Our Staff

Corey Thomas

Corey is one of the best business analysts we have and his immense experience has led him to that position. It uses all odds and risk factors to track activities and prognoses. Corey has practical skills in digital and statistics, which earned him the recognition of man with figures. When he is not at work, he prefers to visit peaceful places to revitalize his soul.

Phone No :- +1 253-786-4863

Email Id : corey.t@wdcnews.com

Tonia Hudspeth

She is a graduate engineer and specializes in Computer Science and Technology. She is a hardcore coder and also shares knowledge. Tonia has several blogs where she presents her knowledge and shares her findings with the world. She is also passionate about automobiles and likes to burn asphalt when she is on roads. She works as a senior writer in the company and frankly, her word for technology describes the actual development image.

Phone No :- +1 253-731-1285

Email Id :- tonia.h@wdcnews.com

Michael Robertson

With a master's degree in medical science, Michael is committed to completing case studies on the development and procedures of new medical devices. It contains a vast knowledge base of medical science and technology that clarifies certain key sectors such as surgical devices for the supply and diagnosis of medications. He is naturally experienced and is known for explaining things in a decent way. He is accustomed to riding a bicycle and is a coffee lover.

Phone No :- +1 253-801-9643

Email Id :- michael.r@wdcnews.com

Darlene Coleman

Darlene is a master of science and makes her a person rich in scientific histories. She is an editor and an employee of the organization. With her deep knowledge of science, Darlene is doomed to the habit of explaining all the examples of science. Her desire to learn and discover makes her an ingenious work-woman on the floor. she has huge contribution to the organization for Science column.

 Phone No :- +1 253-931-2012

 Email Id :- darlene.c@wdcnews.com