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War on Religions – Are you kidding me?

Be very carefull who you are defending

If you are listening to the news lately, the only subject on the news schedule is “Obama’s War on Religions.” After learning how to lie, steal, cheat, what makes a perfect radical ideological conservative republican? We understand that politics is one of the most unfriendly discipline mankind have ever known. If we are looking for a perfect meaning for “political rhetoric,” we believe it will be fair to say character assassination is the best meaning to assign to that discipline.

 To gain momentum with voters, politicians’ best choice is to make the opponent look bad to the electorates. To accomplish that goal they will make fantasy illustrations, even personal attacks on the opponent personality just to gain sympathy from the voters. Misinformed voters are the easy target for the insane rhetoric which we call “red meat.”

It's Started with him

The issue that brings us to these insane campaign slogans lately has nothing to do with religions and war on religions. Any rational voter will understand that the key issues here are labors’ rights and benefits. As civilize society, we are governed by laws and orders to interact with each other. Our laws must be observed and respected by individuals as well as any institutions that operate within our social fabric. The wording in the rule published by the Department of Health and Human Services may need some reclassification to make it acceptable and understandable by the general public and if you are looking at that rule, it never asked the Catholic Church to go against its teaching.

Politics is a dirty discipline in which if human do not adopted politics first, we believe pigs could be the first to practice politics because today’s political rhetoric look like a mud fight as we know it. Sometimes we wonder if the politicians really believe in the statements they made in public. For example: “Obama’s War on Religions, “Obama did not create the recession but he makes it waste” “If I am elected President I will repeal Dodd-Frank Financial Regulation,” “If I am elected President, I will overturn Roe v Wade”. These statements are bunch of lies. The President of theUnited Statescannot repeal laws without Congress of theUnited States. But majority of misinformed voters will believe them because the politicians tell them what they want to hear.

We cannot solve the country’s problems with those lies. We need a President who knows, feels, and understand what are the problems the average citizen face in their every day lives. Social issues like abortion, same sex marriage, religions (our constitution already made provision for that), and so on are not going to solve our debt crisis, unemployment, poverty, and education. We need to inform ourselves to find out what are the real issues to change the country. Stop watching Fox News and find a better way to be informed about real issues that affect us all as one nation regardless of the political party we decide to associate ourselves with. Remember we are one nation.

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